We are spending 4 day in Paris. What is the past way to go on the Paris Pass
Just the Museum pass only or the Paris Pass with several attractions and the museums. Also which way to go for Eiffel Tower Tickets.

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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No pass for the Eiffel Tower. You pay your money, get an advance reservation (tough these days) or stand in line. I'm not a fan of the Paris Pass. Hard to use enogh stuff to get your money back. The Museum Pass is nice if you are going to a bunch of museums. Travel on the Metro can be done with Carnet tickets. 10 ride tickets for 13 euro. The Visite works too and has a few discounts with it.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Karen most would agree while the Museum Pass can be useful and worthwhile, the Paris Pass is over priced and not worth it, almost impossible to use it enough to get the $ worth from it. For 4 days you likely will do fine with one carnet of tickets each ( maybe even less depending on where you are staying and how much you like to walk) A Carnet is just 10 one way tickets good for bus or metro trip , at 13 euros. Tickets can be shared so you can buy one carnet and use it up and see if you need another. You can buy them at a Tabac shop if you don't want to use machines in metro stations or find a manned kiosk to buy them from. Eiffel Tower, as Sam said is not on any pass. Either buy tickets online in advance ( they are mostly sold up well in advance, think you might get lucky if you are going in July and on now) or line up , or buy a tour.
Do not worry the Eiffel Tower website only presells a small amount of tickets per time slot, you can still go anytime and line up, its not sold out to any admittance.