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Paris par Arrondissement

I am desperately searching for a small red book with maps of each arrondissement, metro map, etc. that has several names: Cartes Taride, Paris Par Arrondissement, or Plan-guide de Paris (modele depose). There are posters who live in Paris- possibly I could send you a check or money order.... or past visitors to Paris, who might like to part with their copy? I have tried, etc. and found one used, and printed in 1965 or something, would prefer a copy printed in the last five years. Any suggestions?

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Betsy -

I use a small blue book here - called Paris Pratique Par Arrondissement

Try this ISBN on Amazon in the advanced search for books

ISBN 2-7072-0239-8

Your other option is to purchase when you arrive.

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If you want this to use in Paris, it's easy to find them there. I'm using an old Paris par Arrondissement that I bought at Borders before my first trip 20 yrs ago. It's still relevant. Last yr, on a visit, I bought one for a friend at a newshop in the rue Cler. They're easy to find once you get there. Also, my local news shop ordered another for me a few yrs ago in a large format. See if a news shop or book store will order one for you if you need one before you go.