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Paris - Orientation needed

Hello.. I'll be in Paris for 4 days. I'll be arriving from South France, specifically Carcassonne. There are two options for me, to either arrive at the Gare de Lyon, or Gare Montparnasse, the latter taking an hour more than the train heading to G. Lyon. I wonder where those train stations are situated, and what's the best way to arrive at my hostel, which will be situated in Monmartre, close to the Saint Coeur, I'm guessing that's North Paris and the Stations are in South Paris...

Any help figuring the local transport system would be great. An idea about the costs would also be appreciated.

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Amie...if you use Ile Notre Dame as the "center" of Paris, Gare Montparnasse is almost directly south, while Gare de Lyon is to the southeast. Gare de Lyon is on RER regional train line A that will take you to Charles de Gaulle-Etoile station, where you can then transfer to Metro Line 2 to Anvers stop. So that would probably be your best bet. The journey to Sacre Coeur from Gare Montparnasse wouldn't take that much longer....but if you're arriving an hour earlier at Lyon, take that one. Check out the Paris Metro site for routings and maps,

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either one is ok - both are on the metro line and you want to take the metro to your hotel in monmartre, so i'd choose whichever cheaper.