Paris Neighborhoods

Husband and I will be traveling to Paris in June for 2 nights - 1 night each before & after our cruise (leaving from Marseille). We know that it is very short time, so the only sights we really care to see are the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. We are in our mid-20s, so we'd like to stay in a hip (but safe) neighborhood with cafes, bars, and shops nearby and preferably walking distance to either the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. Train station nearby is also important as we will be taking the train to Marseille. However, we are not familiar with the neighborhoods in Paris. Can someone please recommend a neighborhood? Also, we are looking to spend hopefully no more than 125 Euro/night if anyone has a hotel recommendation as well.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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June, busy and popular month, budget on low side, area central. ok, you should be looking very vigiously now.. Suggest these two, I have stayed in both, both are clean ,safe, good locations. both have SMALL rooms, but both also have a/c . Locations are prime, you will be near the busy fun Latin Quarter with all the shops and cafes, but both hotels are on quiet streets only a block or so away. You can walk to Louvre( 15 mintues) from both or Eiffel( its about 35-40 minutes to Eiffel as that is not a central site) or take metro . You will be about 5 minutes walk from Notre Dame , less from Cluny. Hotel Diana Hotel Saint Pierre( you want the one by the Sorbonne, there are similar named hotels) You could try the Hotel Eugenie, but think its out of your price range. Your train to Marseilles leaves from Gare Du Lyon. have you booked it yet ( its probably too early ) , its always way cheaper to book well in advance. I think you can book 120 days out. . I would not choose to stay by Gare du Lyon ( its not bad its just not that central and since you only have one full day its fun to stay central) You can just take metro to Gare or hop in a taxi.. wouldn't be more then 20 euros for taxi.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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VP, If you want to stay within walking distance to the Eiffel Tower, you might have a look at the 7th and Rue Cler area. It has convenient Metro access (Ecole Militaire station), so will be easy to get from there to whichever rail station you'll be departing from. It's also easy to get from there to the Louvre or Musee Orsay. I haven't checked the prices recently, but you could have a look at: > Hotel Duquesne Eiffel > Hotel Muguet > Hotel du Cadran > Hotel du Champs de Mars > Grand Hotel Leveque Check the hotel websites and also ratings on Trip Advisor to help narrow down your choice. Happy travels!

Posted by Kira
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We always stay at l'Hotel Hameau de Passy, at 48 rue de Passy, in the 16th. It's a 10 minute walk down a gentle hill to the Eiffel Tower. It's seriously close - you can see the top of the tower behind the buildings as you walk! When you get down the hill you walk across the Pont d'Iéna and there you are. To get to the Louvre, pick up the #72 bus on the Ave de New York at the Pont d'Iéna (on the hotel side - don't cross the bridge), and be whisked directly to the Louvre! The hotel is right between two very convenient Metro stops. Here's the hotel's site: We like it because it is cute (through a little archway between some shops, on a quiet interior courtyard) and inexpensive (well within your budget, I would think) and quiet and clean and the desk staff are terrifically nice (and taught me the word for cork screw!). We also love the neighborhood, which has a great mix of shops and boutiques and "real people of Paris" places. A couple of nice cafes are to be found at the little roundabout where the rue de Passy turns into the Blvd Delessert. We're older than you are, but find the Rue Cler area to be overly touristy and too expensive. Also kinda not hip. :-)