Paris -- Museum pass needed for 17 yr old

We will be visiting Paris at the end of May for 3 days (2 adults and 2 kids, one over 18 and one is 17). The Museum Pass looks like a great idea as we plan on visiting many museums while we are there, but is it a waste to buy one for our 17 year old, since she can get into many museums for free? Anyone have experience with this situation?

Posted by Lexma
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Probably it's a waste to buy a Museum Pass for a person who can get into many museums free. I've priced out the Museum Pass for us adults every time we've visited Paris, and it never makes monetary sense for us; it may be a combination of our liking museums that aren't included in the pass, and spending lots of time (as in, an entire day at the Louvre) at single museums. Anyway, price out the pass and the museums you're likely to visit before you make a final decision. And if you're buy the pass to avoid ticket lines, note that for a number of the museums (i.e. the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay, and probably others), you can buy a ticket to their museum ahead of time, online, and skip the ticket lines that way.

Posted by pat
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Of course its a waster to buy one for the 17 yr old , she gets in free, why would you pay for a museum pass?? You do know she just goes in with you don't you?
I have taken my kids and I would never buy a pass for a free kid. DO however make sure she has id with her as she is close to age and may look over 18 easily.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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Here's the page from the official website of the Paris Museum Pass, which lists all covered museums. Click on each one, and it will tell you the regular prices and under what age children are free: For instance, the Musee de l'Institut du Monde arabe is free for under 12's, while the Arc de Triomphe and most others are free for under 18's. I agree with the above replies, that you don't want a museum pass for your 17 year old, and to bring proof of her age to the museums.