paris museum pass

Which is the best paris museum pass?

Posted by gone
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hi, best is what suits your needs. Look at the various passes and compare to what YOU want to do and see. happy trails.

Posted by Sam
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Get the Paris Museum Pass, there is only one, just the number of days of validity you will be using. Paris Pass is over priced as it includes expensive Paris Metro Pass that can be done cheaper using carnets, Visite, or Navigo Decouverte, plus a ton of corny extras you probably will not use.

Posted by Dick
Olympia, WA, USA
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The Paris Museum Pass is best, as long as you have the energy to get your money's worth out of it by visiting multiple places on consecutive days. Besides saving admission charges (if used efficiently), it saves you time buying tickets at the most popular museums. The Museum Pass also allows you to discover less-known places that you might skip if you had to pay but might check out if you were nearby and could enter for free with the pass. If you do this and don't like the place that much, you can cut your visit short without feeling like you wasted your money. Or you could go into a place to see a particular painting or exhibit without having to "invest" in the whole museum.

Posted by Harold
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All of Dick's points are correct. However, you still have to make sure that you are going to see enough sites to get your money's worth. For my three most recent trips to Paris: on one, I used almost twice the pass's value. On another, I ran around and just barely broke even. And on a third, I didn't get it, because I was mostly seeing places not on the pass. Here's the official website, so you can see what's covered and how much they cost (the more days, the cheaper each pass day is, and the better the value):

Posted by Karen
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Just returned from Paris on 3/31/13. We purchased the museum pass (4 days), and I think we just barely broke even. It more than paid for itself in skipping lines though. The day we visited the Louvre the line was wrapped around the courtyard, we went through the side door and were inside in 5 minutes. Our biggest issue was the timing. We purchased 4 days, but had a day trip planned out of Paris in the middle so it put some pressure on us for the other days, so I would say if you are going to buy it make sure you have enough time to really use it.

Posted by Devra
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And make sure your days don't include the day the museums are closed (was that Tuesday?). Happy travels. Devra

Posted by Millie
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Thank you all for replying. I purchased a two day pass today and am having it sent to my hotel. Thanks again.