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Paris & Kids

We are taking a quick trip to Paris during our trip to see family in the UK. We have almost 2 days to take it all in. We are traveling with our 15 month year old and need advice on the dos & donts and where to eat (specific restaurants) on a budget. We are staying by Luxe Gardens but will of course be traveling all around the city to see as much as we can. Thanks

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You should eat in a cafe , brasserie or perhaps a bistro, a restaurant is not a good idea.
Restaurants don't open for dinner till at least 7 and sometimes later,, they do not serve quickly so expect a meal to last 2 hours or more, and lastly they do not usually ( as in almost never ) provide highchairs. Basically , they do not welcome tots , and most locals would not take a tot to a restaurant. Now, does this mean you will have trouble eating out,no, absolutely not,, but as I said, it will be more casual type places. Many of them welcome kids and some chain restaurants even have childrens menus, but still thats not common, and highchairs are not super common. Many people would just leave child in stroller to eat or have child on lap. There are a few chains that might work, Chez Clement has several around Paris and are perfectly acceptable for a family meal. If you like Mussels then try Leon Bruxelles has some places in PAris and I enjoy eating there ( they do have more then mussels, and they have highchairs) there is one on Boulevard St Germain and one near Montparnasse so may be close to you , there are a few others too.

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Good info from Pat. I'd like to add Flunch to the list of chains which would be a good option. There's one in the 3rd arrondissement, that I've passed by a few times while out and about. They offer a menu bébé, which has a few choices (one is baby food, if your 15mo isn't too into eating real food yet) They also offer high chairs. One of the most baby-friendly restaurant chains in France IMO.