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Paris in September or October

My husband and I are considering a week's trip to Paris, and wonder if Sept or Oct might be a good time for that city, instead of June, which we originally considered. We are not sure about weather, crowds, etc.

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Sept or Oct is the absolute best time of year for Paris, in my humble opinion, having lived there. Oct even better. No rain, no extreme heat, no crowds, and lower prices for hotels and airfare. Have fun !

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Mary, in my view, September or October would be a wonderful time to visit Paris! There are certainly no guarantees on the weather, but I toured Paris at that time of year and had a great time.

I found there were still some queues at major attractions (Eiffel Tower especially), but from what I heard at the time, they were nowhere near as long as during the summer.

Happy travels!

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Here, here, and again here. I have to agree that September and October is a perfect time to be in Paris Howerver a tiny argument that Paris is not the best place to be in Sept/Oct. The only problem (again it is a teeny one) I forsee is how will you possibly pass up the chance to tour through all those vinyards in the middle of vindage and with all their leaves turning an hundred shades of yellow, orange, and red, and the harvest festivals in the country?

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October into early Nov is the best time. It's cooler & very comfortable.

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Mary -

September is re-entre which brings all the Parisians and students back to Paris from being away for the month of August. Consequently, many local activities begin again. They are usually many wine and cheese festivals. However, shopping can be a bit crazy at times - just grin and bare it,

From a tourist perspective things are not nearly as crowded as June-Aug months.

Weather is good - the days are still long. You can expect rain now and again, but the temperature variation is not extreme.

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We are planning a trip to France beginning with 5 days in Paris towards the last half of september. From what I have read it's an excellent time to go...