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I will be in Paris for 2 days in December. Any recommendations on nice affordable hotels near the Eiffel Tower? I will just be coming from Turkey and can afford up 180.00 per night.

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"and can afford up 180.00 per night"

$180 or €180?

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Hi Emelda,

3 years ago I stayed at Hotel du Champs de Mars - it's a Rick Steves recommended hotel near to the Eiffel Tower. The rate is well within your price range. The hotel is really nicely decorated, in a safe neighborhood, and close to the metro (though if I were to go again I would probably stay closer to Notre Dame as it seems more central). Anyways, hope this helps - have a good trip!

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These hotels are more central in my opinion,, the ET area is ok,, but only close to ET.

Look at :

Hotel Du College De France
Hotel Eugenie
Hotel Diana
Hotel De La Place Du Louvre

rates can vary alot by time of year, and many places give deals for stays of 3 nights or more.

You are looking for a hotel at about 100- 110 euros a night I guess.. that should do it.. I assume this is for a single or double,, not a triple right?

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There was a thread here about a month ago about how rude and unpleasant the owners are at Hotel Champs de Mars. You may want to read it and consider staying somewhere else. There are lots of other hotels where the owners and staff are very nice.

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Thank you all for all of the good information. I will check on it all.

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You might also have a look at in the Rue Cler area. It's close to a Metro stop (Ecole Militaire) and within reasonable walkind distance from the Eiffel Tower. You can check the rates on their website for the dates you'll be in Paris.

You could also have a look at, which is in the same area. It's only about an easy two blocks from the Metro stop and the breakfasts were great!

As the others have mentioned, having either the France or Paris Guidebooks would be a good idea, as they have a lot of information on the various sites in Paris. If you have an IPod, you might have a look at Rick's Audio tours also, as they provide an interesting look at the history and background of the places you'll be visiting.

Happy travels!

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Hi, Emelda. I sent you a private message with a recommendation.

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Hello Emelda. My husband and I just spent 6 nights in Paris, in June. We stayed at the Le Littre Hotel (6 Arron.) We loved the hotel. In fact we are going to go back there next summer. We found the hotel to be convenient. We walked a lot, took "Gray Line Day Tours" and took the subway. Elaine Obermann

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IMO, the Eiffel Tower area is not as interesting or convenient as other areas of Paris. Remember that Paris is dense, a compact city, and one can walk across what appear--on a tourist map--to be large distances. For example, one can easily walk from the Bastille via Isle St Louis & Isle de la Cite to the Place Michel on the Left Bank in 15 minutes. Plus the Paris Metro may well be the best subway system in the world, with stations everywhere in Paris.
My own personal recommendation for a hotel is the Hotel Castex (mentioned in RS' book) in the Marais. It is very pleasant, well within your budget, close to two metro stops, and 5 to 10 minutes walk from Notre Dame. Others on this site will have other recommendations....Paris seems to have an abundance of reasonably priced and comfortable hotels, so you really won't have a problem finding a nice place. I wish it were as easy to find comparable hotels in New York.

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I think a good place to stay is in the Rue Cler area.. A friend of mine stayed at Hotel du Champs de Mars, she was close to all the markets at the Rue Cler area and from the hotel you could see the Eiffel tower, she says is really nice. Im planning myself a trip to Paris and im staying in Champs de Mars..(they have a website)

have a nice trip

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You're riding the wrong horse, Emelda. The tower is at the far end of the interesting part of Paris; plus you can see the thing all the time when you're walking around. Rue Cler (Rue Rick?) is only one of several dozen interesting Paris neighborhoods. For atmoshphere and being close to most things, I'd try one of the several small hotels on the left bank. There's a cluster of them on Rue de la Sorbonne (west side of the university, just a couple streets in(east of) from Blvd Saint-Michel. This puts you within a ten to fifteen minute walk from just about everything except the tower. To go to the ET it's a 45 min stroll or a ten min metro ride. My vote, however, would be for the ETAPs (clean, safe, and spartan). Most of the time when you're in a hotel your eyes are closed. Spend your bucks on grub and sightseeing (skip the dinner cruise, the food is horrible and expensive-- ride the hop-on/hop-off BateauBus if you want a view from the river). The BateauBus stop at the ET, by the way. (Only go up the tower at night when the lines are short and the smog has burned off -- plus that's when the city lights are spectacular. Do NOT waste your money eating in the restaurant, it rivals the dinner cruise in horribleness) Back to the ETAPs: in my mind the most convenient one is listed as Porte de Montmartre (Rue Dr du Babinsky, maybe). It's a safe five-minute walk to the Porte de Saint-Ouen metro station (NOT the Saint-Ouen station -- they're different), then ten-minute ride to anywhere in the city. Reread what Roe said about how walkable Paris is.

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Thank you for the information. I will check it out. Good advice.

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You'll get lots of opposing responses regarding Rue Cler, but I agree with the last person posting -- there are more interesting parts of Paris. When I've been in Rue Cler, I feel like a tourist and like I'm not running into much of true Parisian life.

We've stayed on the edge of the Marais, not far from the Canal St. Martin, and I can't tell you the fond memories of early mornings at the cafe with the rest of the neighborhood as they are heading off to their day. We've also stayed on the right bank towards the bottom of Blvd. St. Michel (close to St. Sulpice and Luxembourg Gardens). Again, the neighborhood markets felt more real, and less like we'd gone to Disneyland.

I'm not trying to start an argument here . . . just offering an alternative. I think you said you're coming from Turkey, so don't know if you're American or not. As an American, I'd rather see more French people and French life on my vacation!