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Paris during Tour de France

We've been planning on ending our 3 week France-Germany trip in Paris during the last weekend in July, just before we fly out of CDG. Now we've just discovered that the final stage of the tour rolls into Paris on that Sat. July 29th. We can't decide if this is a wonderful opportunity, or if it'll be enough of a crowded nightmare that we should alter our itinerary. Has anyone been around during the tour that can provide some reference? Is it crowded the entire weekend, or just that day? Will the Champs-Elysees/Arc and the Eiffel, i.e. touristy spots be any busier than usual during the week before?
Merci Vraiment!

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We were in Paris for the final stage of the Tour in '01
and it was no problem at all except around the Champs-Elysees and the Tuilleries Gardens, and even there it was only for about 6 hrs that day. Everywhere else is fine. If you're interested in watching the final stage you can look back to a post on 4/16 (page 5 of this section) and my answer to him on 4/17.

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Thanks so much. It sounds like it'll be an experience to remember. We'll have already done the touristy stuff by Sat. and we'll be able to just enjoy the crowds and the spectacle.

Thanks for the tip!