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Paris - day trip to vineyard

I'm spending 5 days in Paris. I was thinking of doing a day trip to the vineyards but I'm not sure which vineyard is the nearest for a day trip. I have no preference regarding vineyards for champagne, red wine, white wine, etc. I've never been to a vineyard before and this is my first trip to Paris.

Besides vineyards, is there anything I should consider as a day trip? I've heard of Versailles, Chartres, Giverny and Fontainbleau. Which in your opinion is worth going to?

Is there any website I can look for a good Paris map?


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There is a pretty recent discussion this subject, but it's been kicked on to page 2. Here's the link, I hope it works!

Chartres is a lovely day trip, that one gets my vote, and I'll actually be doing it in October when I go to Paris. I tend to skip Versailles, as it's just really crowded and I don't love it, but I know lots who do. If you'll be there before the end of September, consider going for the water show, daily at 3. I've never been to a vineyard. In my opinion, Giverny is also overrated, but beautiful. It's just to far for what you get.

As far as maps; what kind are you looking for? Google maps are great for locating addresses and you can use the satellite feature as well which is nice. You can also do a google search for the metro maps, and they come up quite easily. If you're looking to purchase a map, try amazon or your local bookstore. There are tons!

Enjoy Paris!

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If you love champagne, there are a few cellars in Reims, walking distance from the train station. Besides the champagne, Reims also has an historical cathedral. It takes less than 2 hrs by train from Paris. If you're extremely passionate over champagne and you went to Reims, visit Epernay for more cellars. It's on the same train route and a little closer to Paris.