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Paris CDG to St Lazare

CDG to St. Lazare Question: I know CDG to St. Lazare has been discussed quite a bit already, but I'm weighing the options of RER B-E and the RoissyBus. I will have quite a bit of luggage (enough to get me through June) and I have navigated the Paris metro with luggage before: not fun (turnstiles and luggage don't work out well, and I think I had less luggage then). I am assuming that transferring from RER B to E would involve the Metro turnstiles, right? (which I would want to avoid since I have luggage)But I also wanted to know if the bus would be a decent option with luggage (is it the style of bus that would have standing room where I could stand with my luggage? and does is have reasonable length stops for the beginning and end of the line stops?). I know a taxi is an option, but would rather not shell out the money for one if I have a semi-reasonable alternative. Thanks for any advice!

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If I recall correctly, the bus will have a luggage compartment where you stow your bags before entering the bus; the driver helps you put it on and take it off. I think that would be the best if you have a lot of luggage.

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Already corrected on the other thread, but the Roissybus uses normal city buses, it's the Air France buses that have luggage compartments.