Paris CDG to 7arr

I will be landing in Paris in 2 weeks on a Sunday around 10 am. I will be with No checked luggage and will be looking to get to my appartmant in the 7th arr. Are any recomendations available for a shuttle or private car Many Thanks

Posted by Kris
Los Angeles, ca.
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Hi Melissa, I don't know about that, but I am researching apartments. May I ask how you found yours and how much it will be? thanks, Kris

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Melissa, shuttle have a bit of a rep for being unreliable, just take a taxi if its in budget, there is an offical taxi stand ( don't go with private taxis that approach you) and the cost should run about 45-55 euros, the taxis are metered.
Its helpful to have the full address of where you are going written down to hand to taxi driver ( include the zip code 750007) , then you don't have to worry about misprounceation etc. If budget is a consideration take the RER , will cost about 11-12 euros. You will then have to transfer to metro to get to 7th, which is closest station to your apartment?( usually they tell you on apartment website)