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Paris, Arles, Avignon and Brussels in 9 nights

Using my frequent flyer miles so flight options were limited. Flying in and out of Brussels in early June. Thinking about taking train to Paris right from airport, spending 2 or 3 night, I've been twice previously. Then thinking about 2 nights each in Arles and Avignon before heading to Brussels via Paris for last 2 nights. I've also been to Brussels once previously. Just starting to think about it. I've done Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and Amsterdam before so. Looking to spend some of my time in New places. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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One thing to check is if there is a connecting flight from Brussels to Marseilles that is not too expensive. Then you can do this itinerary in a logistically efficient way, e.g. from south to north.

Otherwise the five-hour train ride Avignon > Brussels is not too bad. But since you will be at the airport when you arrive, see if there is a cheap flight south.

In Provence I would not bother to split the time between two cities so close together. Stay in Arles and see Avignon as a day trip.

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It's fun to think about itinerary possibilities!

Have you been to Lyon? It's a great city.

Also, you could choose either Arles or Avignon (I'd pick Avignon) and take a day trip from one to the other so you don't have to change hotels.

Consider flying directly back to Brussels from a city in southern France (Lyon or Marseilles, for example.) Check for budget airline options.

Paris - 3 nights
Lyon - 2 nights
Avignon/Arles - 3 nights
Train to Marseilles from Avignon and fly to Brussels - 1 night

Just one idea!

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Thanks for the quick responses. I like to spend nights in some of the smaller towns. That was my thinking for splitting time between Arles and Avignon, but man now thinking two nights in Arles and two in Aix n provence, then the 5 hour train ride from there to Brussels. But I will look into flights as was mentioned. Thanks again.