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Paris and Spain

Hi here, trying to plan a trip to Barcelona as well as tie in a beach resort type exp. I was hoping to tie in two days in Paris. I have ten to twelve days. It seems very tight. Does anyone have any recs for me? On where to stay in Barcelona and day trips from there or off shoot close beach towns.

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Cailin, there are so many options for but you've not given the rest of much info to base a recommendation on ... I.e., are you flying back from BCN, will you rent a car or use public trans. How many days are you planning on in Barcelona - it's a wondrous place? Sitiges is good (and close to BCN)for a couple of beach days but we found the beach towns on the Costa Brava among the most beautiful in any of our Mediterrian travels. Three days in Calella de Parafrugel and three more in Colillure were just delightful. I wrote in an earlier post that CDP is a great base (with a rental car) to follow a Dali-quest by day and enjoy CDP for late afternoon beach and evenings in the town.

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cailin, I agree with the previous reply, a bit more information would be helpful. Does your ten to twelve days include your two travel days? Are you planning to use open jaw flights? I was in Barcelona in June, and there are some great beaches only a few minutes from the city centre. As I recall, they were constructed during the 1992 Summer Olympics, when much of Barcelona was transformed. Have a look at this website for details: It's difficult to suggest places to stay, as you didn't provide any information on your criteria - price, comfort level, etc. If your budget will allow, I'd highly recommend: The hotel is in a fantastic location, just off Las Ramblas and close to Plaça Catalunya and the airport shuttle bus. It's an easy walk from there to the waterfront. Happy travels!