Paris and Haarlem during the Christmas holidays

HI all, I've been getting great tips from some of the other discussions about visiting Paris, museums, food, etc. Thanks to you all for the great answers! Smidge of background:
My husband and I will be meeting up with our son who will be finishing his semester-abroad-in-Paris. We'll be arriving in Paris on the 19th of December (rented an apartment in the 4th arrondissement - thanks to all those who suggested renting!) and staying until the 26th, when we'll catch the train to Haarlem for another 5 days. We tasted Paris and Haarlem just a bit last fall on the Best of Europe trip, which was wonderful and we are looking forward to seeing more! We definitely want to do the museums, the sights, and Christmas in Paris, and our son is excited about showing us around (yes, really!). Would you all recommend also taking a day trip somewhere outside of Paris? (I'm hoping to get to Versailles, so am just considering that as part of Paris.) Somewhere we could get to by train? Or is that too ambitious? And the same question for Haarlem/Amsterdam? Day trip somewhere nearby? Thanks so much for your help and guidance! Robin

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