Paris and beyond - August 2013

Flying in and out of Paris in August. We have two weeks. Were thinking of going to southern France, Barcelona and Pyrenees. Wondering if it will be really hot there. Would like to hike either in Pyrenees or Alps. Another alternative is Amsterdam, London and Lake District in England So many choices. 2 adults, and a thirteen year old. Recommendations?

Posted by Sarah
St. Louis, MO USA
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Hi Harriet. I can comment on Paris, London and Amsterdam but not any of the other locations. I'd say to spend one in Paris and another in EITHER Amsterdam OR London. There's so much to see in these cities that you need at least a week to start to get to know them. You could take one or two daytrips from each as well. Did you buy your tickets already? If not, look at open-jaw / multi-city options, such as flying into Paris and out of London. That will save you time and money, in terms of not having to get back to Paris from London or Barcelona or wherever you decide to go.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Two weeks, with a 13 yr old, well I would do Paris/ London and Lake District. Why because it will be hot as hades in south of France and Spain, spent two weeks this past summer in late july and august. The beaches are packed to the rafters, the hotel prices are high , since August is locals high holiday season too. It was over 100 almost every day. I would fly open jaw into Paris, 4-5 days, then Eurostar to London ( this can be cheap and its certainly relaxing, city center to city center in 2.5 hours) , Lake District for 3-4 days hiking, then return to London for 5-6 days. I have taken both my 13 yr son, and my 11 daughter to Paris and London, two seperate trips, and these are the things they enjoyed. London: Tower of London was a big hit British Royal Museum Natural History Museum Victoria And Albert Museum Hampton Court daytrip to Brighton and Bath I took a bike tour in London I totally recommend, Fat Tire Bike tours, they are great, and your child will love it, and so will you, its easy and flat there!lol I took a whole bunch of them in Paris too , fave was one to Giverny Gardens. Paris: Eiffel Tower Arc De Triomphe Towers of Notre Dame Louvre and ORsay ( dd liked Orsay better, son liked Louvre better) Both loved the Invalids Army Museum, its one of my faves too. Boat cruise on Seine Catacombs( they are closed for renos right now, but son thought it was highlight of trip for him, daughter chose not to go )
Versailles, both kids knew the history behind it and so enjoyed it, be sure to visit the Hamlet too.

Posted by Harriet
OLYMPIA, WA, United States
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I understand the benefit of open - jaw. But, we got free tix. In and out of Paris. Originally wanted to go to Barcelona also but am wavering because I am worried it might be too hot in August and have read great things about Amsterdam recently. We were also hoping to figure out a way to spend a few days in mountains so we will have to see if we can piece it together in a way that makes sense.

Posted by Peter
Medford, Oregon, USA
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Harriet: I agree that southern France could be quite warm in August. But you did mention hiking in the Pyrenees. It will probably be beautiful weather in the Pyrenees. Altho I have not done much hiking there, we did do a day trip from Lescun (a small town south of Oloron-Ste. Marie), and had a gret time. And I know that there are guidebooks for those who like to hike the Pyrenees. So that might be an option. Peter