Paris, Amsterdam, Germany

We are traveling to Paris in mid-September for 15 days. Our flight arrives and departs from Paris. We would like to visit Amsterdam and Germany for Oktoberfest in between those 15 days via train. Are we being realistic? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Robin

Posted by Charlie
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Have you been to Europe before? Have you been to either one of those cities before? More information gets you better answers. Is your 15 days full days and nights or does that include the days flying over and back to the US? If it includes your 2 days traveling from the US, that leaves you with only 13 actually days in Europe. If you attempt to visit Paris, Amsterdam, and Germany, you can scratch off 3 days traveling from P to A to G and then back to P. That leaves you with 10 days to visit.
That is doable but you could do a better by only trying to visit 2 of those cities and figure you will be back. If those 15 days my mentioned do not include the 2 days traveling from the US and back, that ups your visit time to 12 days, still hurried but more doable. Even at 12 days tho, I would spend 6 days in Paris and then 6 days in Germany. Whatever you choose, happy travels.

Posted by Robin
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Thank you so very much for your reply. FIRST time going to Europe. We have 15 full days and nights in Europe. Would it be worth our time to spend one night and two days in A & G? Should I look near the train station for a hotel? Thanks again for your input. Sincerely,

Posted by Nigel
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Would it be worth our time to spend one night and two days in A & G? Robin, alphabet soup gets to be a bit difficult. I want to be sure that I understand your question clearly. Are you saying that you want to arrive in Paris, go to Amsterdam - but only for one night -, then go from Amsterdam to somewhere unspecified in Germany - but only for one night -, and then return to Paris? How do you expect to get from Paris to Amsterdam, to (I will push the boat out here and make an assumption that if you are talking about Oktoberfest you MIGHT mean Munich which is as far in Germany that it is possible to go from both Amsterdam and Paris) Munich, to Paris? Have you purchased your airfare yet? Is there a reason that you don't (didn't) use the multi-city Open Jaws route of fly into Paris and fly out of Munich to cut out all the back tracking? If, like many, you are expecting to use the train to do all the travel within Europe, are you aware of just how big France and Germany are? It is at least 3:16 hours from Paris to Amsterdam so that by the time you have checked out, gone to Gare du Nord, trained and found you new hotel more than half the day is gone. It is at least 7:30 hours from Amsterdam to Munich, often longer, with at least one change, often 2. That is a whole day on the train. It is over 6 hours via Stuttgart and over 8 for most other journeys from Munich to Paris. So, let's see ... Day 1 - arrive jetlagged from San Diego early morning 2 Paris 3 Paris 4 Paris 5 Paris 6 Paris 7 Paris 8 Paris 9 Paris 10 Paris 11 Paris 12 Paris to Amsterdam, night Amsterdam 13 all day traveling Amsterdam to Munich, eveing at Oktoberfest, Munich 14 all day traveling from Munich to Paris
15 get packed ready for departure tomorrow is that right?

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Robin, its never worth it to spend one night anywhere as far as I am concerned. Since we are not on Star Trek we can't just beam to the next place, and travel does take time, every time you move you lose at least a half day to travel sometimes more.. so for me, a two night stay is an absolute minimum as two nights equals only one FULL day at a destination. I wouldn't bother going somewhere ( time and money) that I didn't feel warranted at least one full day!

Posted by pat
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Octoberfest is from Sept 21 st to Oct 6th, so guess you could do something like this . Sept 15th 16th -arrive in Paris( usually arrive in am from States) 17th-Paris 18th-Paris 19th-Paris 20thtrain to Amsterdam 21th-Amsterdam 22nd-Amsterdam 23rd-train to Munich 24th-Octoberfest 25th-Octoberfest 26th-Octoberfest 27th-train to Paris 28th-Paris 29th-Paris 30th-leave for home I like to make sure I am back in the city I am flying home from a day or two in advance, plus I really like Paris and there is so much to see and do there so my itinerary would be Paris heavy!
Its a shame you didn't book open jaw tickets. Ps Once you decide on your plan book your train tickets ( as soon as they open for booking, between 90-120 days out for various lines) to get cheapest prices.