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Paris airport CDG to apt near Pompidou

I have a couple of questions for you experts.

First, what would be the best option to get from CDG airport in the morning on a Friday to an apt 2 blocks east of the Pompidou? We will have one child, and 3 rolling suitcases with 3 carryons. (I know it's a lot).

Secondly, do the museum passes that you get for 3 days, have to be 3 consecutive days, or can you use it two days, skip a day and use the last day within the same week? And, I assume it's best to get it once we are there. more, has anyone done a sequay tour in Paris? My teenager is interested.

Thank you in advance.

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Easiest would be a taxi or shuttle. Least expensive, the RER B. It all depends on your ability to maneuver with the bags.

Museum Pass run on consecutive days. Yes, get it when you arrive. They sell them in the airport as well as most of the sites included in the Pass.

Haven't done the Segway tour myself, but it sounds fun.

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I just read some other posts about packing for a European trip and have decided most enthusiastically that we are packing tighter and will only be rolling two suitcases and 2 carryons.

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Joanie, the segway tour looks like a lot of fun, but pricey. We're thinking of doing the bike one, since its more affordable. If you do want the segway, make reservations. Its with FAT TIRE BIKES, right??

Remember that if you take a taxi, there's going to be an extra charge for the luggage. But... with 3 cases and 3 carryon's, I'd vote for the shuttle or taxi over the metro. The Metro can be tricky and hard to maneuver with that many luggage. Spend the extra money for piece of mind.

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We did the Segway tour last June and had a lot of fun, although a large part of the fun is the novelty--having your picture taken on a Segway in front of the Eiffel Tower is once-in-a-lifetime. But a big chunk of time is spent walking from the ET to their offices, signing paperwork, learning to ride the things, etc. Plus there is a stop for lunch in the middle that I wish had been shorter. We're glad we did it though. We planned it for the first morning to help motivate my husband to get out of bed. (Turned out we had "reverse jet lag" and getting up was NEVER a problem.) You definitely attract a lot of attention from passers-by and I imagine it's a good way to get a teenager interested in some of the sights.

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The Paris Museum Pass now comes in two-, four-, and six-day versions. These are CONSECUTIVE days. Buy it when you get to Paris.

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We just returned from Paris. Tim is correct--no 3 day museum pass is available. We had not been in any museums in ten years so bought a 4 day pass at the first museum we visited which was the Picasso Museum. It was a real push to cover the majority of the museums but worth it. Be prepared for huge crowds at D'Orsay and Louvre. But, you will not have to stand in lines with the pass. We had never toured the Pantheon and found it to be very interesting and few tourists there. DH had to climb to top of Notre Dame which was covered by pass but had to wait in line for almost an hour for that--he said it was worth it--800 steps total. Enjoy your trip!