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Paris after the first visits

I've been to Paris twice, so I've seen the major sights. I'm interested in little gems that people might recommend. For example, I just saw there was a sewer tour...not sure if that's a gem or not so much.

Merci Beaucoups!

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Laurel there is so much more to see, you could go dozens of times and not be "done'.
This last summer my 12 yr old dd and I went to the Shoah( means holocaust)Museum. We are not Jewish, but daughter was just learning all about WWII and finished reading a book called "Hiding Edith" true story of a Jewish child who was hidden in a french village. The museum was very moving, and we both enjoyed it very much, we have nothing like that here, we both left with tears in our eyes, it is touching and shocking, but , in a quiet way. Just google it, we found it easy enough , and admission is free.
Also, have you seen the Catacombs.
How about a day trip to Chartes( I assume you have done Versailles)
What about revisiting some museums, I always return to the Lourve, it is too big to do in a dozen visits, and the Orsay is always worth another look.
There are literally dozens more sites, read as many travel forums as you can, people have great ideas. Try and, both have active travel forums.

Good luck.

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I enjoyed the little-known Canal St. Martin tour boat that leaves from the Quay d'Orsay and goes up the Seine and turns into the canal near Place Bastille. It goes through a series of locks through neighborhood Paris and ends near the Cite Des Sciences.

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Stroll along the canals, visit the Cite des Science et Industrie ( a fabulous place), enjoy the Bois de Boulogne and the Bois Vincennes (on the opposite, or east end of Paris),tour the museums and grounds of the Jardin des Plantes near Gare Austerlitz. There is much more to do but save some for next time

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I think I would look up "walking tours in Paris" and you will find lots of interesting, diverse tours available. These are the tours where you find the gems of a city, not on a bus or the big commercial tours. They cater more towards individual tastes, like art or architecture, history, etc. I have always wanted to go on the Segway tour, though it is kind of pricey. Just looks like fun!

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A walk in the Montparnasse cemetery - Metro 6 - Edgar Quinet - no one famous just some amazing gravestones

Basilique Saint Denis - where the kings and queens of France are buried - Metro 13 - Basilique Saint Denis

Take a cooking class - Marguerite teaches in English - you go shopping here in Auteuil (where I live), cook a meal and then enjoy the meal.

La Defense - some people make it to the Grande Arche - but this whole area is full of outdoor sculpture and views of Paris.

Parc Andre Citroen - Metro 10 Javel (also RER C - Javel) - little known park with contemporary setting - fountains - tree groves - and a hot air balloon (with views of Paris).

Biblioteque Nationale de France - Francois Mitterand - Metro 14 - Biliotheque Nationale de France - This is the French equivalent of the Library of Congress - amazing building structure - but there is also an art gallery here and film festivals.

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I just had my second visit to Paris this past spring. I also visited the Holocaust Museum - this was very moving and educational. A very well laid out and organized museum.

I did a cooking class with Laura at "World in a Pan" This was definately a highlight of my trip. It was affordable too, about $80 I think. I visited a market in the Bastille area and found some great items. Mostly I just wandered around a lot more and had fun in getting lost in all the corners of Paris. I did a couple of the RS walking tours, but didn't really care if I wandered off in another direction. I had visited all the main museums and sights my first time and this time it was really nice to just kind of sit back and relax.

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I went to a wine and cheese tasting luncheon, tickets at (It's in the Republic neighborhood, M - Parmentier; nice big wine loft). There were several couples there celebrating anniversaries.

Lots of people say it's the "highlight of their trip to Paris." It was exceptional!!!

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Several years ago I stayed at a hotel in an area outside the central part of Paris. (I won't name the hotel because I didn't like some things about it and I won't recommend it). I got to know that neighborhood and how it connected to central Paris. Now, when I am in Paris, I revisit that neighborhood of students and working people. It was in the area of the Vaugirard Metro stop and is about a 30-minute walk from Ecole Militaire Metro stop (rue Cler). There are many neighborhoods in the city; many are interesting and full of places to walk or shop.

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A treasure of Monet's is at the Marmotten museum. Also, the Eugene Delacroix museum.

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If you're a fan of Monet (A Monetophile?). I'd second the trip to the Marmottan but would also take a day trip to Giverny. It was well worth it.


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I'm going to try a couple of markets next month. One, the Marche Saxe-Breteuil in the 7th has food, clothing, household goods, the other is an art & crafts market in the 14th. It's the Marche Parisien de la Creation. I haven't been to either, but might be interesting.

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I did an underground tour but not the sewers (and it was fun and interesting), go to La Villette (very child friendly too) a science museum), a short trip to Malmaison (home of Josephine Bonaparte), other sections of the Louvre (Bonaparte apartments for instance), the Bois de Boulogne (a tour of the race track, gardens, etc.), the museums of Invalids, the top of Montparnasse for city views, the smaller museums (Carnavalet [history of Paris], Cluny [lady and the unicorn], de la Poste [just because], etc.). After a dozen trips to Paris I still have a list of things to see. I find the Eyewitness guidebooks very helpful.

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Also the Bastille market was really nice too. Tons of vendors and a variety of different vendors. From fruits, veggies, fresh fish, cooked chicken, wine, cider, sunglasses, crafts, and so much more.

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The Jacquemart Andre Museum (lunch there), Pantheon, Pere La Chaise and Montparnasse Cemeteries, Catacombes, Picasso Museum, and the department stores--Bon Marche, Galleries LaFayette, etc. We loved the Marais area also--Chez Marianne for lunch is very good. Fauchon and Hediard are interesting for food items.

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Since Susan has mentioned the cemetaries I feel okay to 1) say there is nothing morbid about visiting them..they're gardens of art and memories ; and 2) there ARE quite a few famous people buried in Montparnasse...An article i'd suggest "googling" is NYTimes of June 29 2008 Hidden Gardens of Paris...and a book i use "Paris:100 Jardins Insolites" "Paris:l00 Unusual Gardens"..One of my favorites is the garden inside the Petit Palais..permanent expo and garden are free (go to the left)..temporary expo with charge, on the right..Also, i often visit the Maison Européene de la Photographie...Metro St of their current exhibits is Annie Leibovitz...And repeating other posts..there is always something to see in Paris, even seeing it twice...I was recently "dragged" back into the Louvre by friends on their first visit..I wanted to "meet you in a couple of hours outside"..but i saw many "new "paintings that i hadn't noticed on previous visit.

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At La defense you could buy a T-Ticket to Pont des sevres, get off the tram at Musee des sevres and right across from you is Musee des Ceramique. A most unusual museum of ceramics. The most beautiful jugs, vases etc. you ever saw. This isn't in the guide books but it should be.

Have you seen the Petit Palais?, well worth a visit, Metro Champs Elysee Clemenceau.

Place des Vosges is a beautiful square that tends to get overlooked.

Marche Aux Puces, metro Porte Clignancourt, far behind Montmartre, fabulous market.

Have you seen the wall in Montmarte that has 'I love you ' wrote on it in over 300 languages?.

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If you understand French, I have always wanted to go on the nighttime Metro tour that takes you to the old, closed stations on the old-fashioned Metro train.