Paris accommodations

Hi. We are looking for a great place to spend 3- 6 nights in Paris, this July. We are thinking dist. 7 Any suggestions? Thanks Ingrid

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Ingrid, lets start with a budget. In Euros. I have stayed in at least 13 or 14 hotels in Paris, I have never stayed in the 7th, its a bit out of the way to me, and there are plenty of nice areas all over Paris. My main requirements are usually: clean central location cafes and shop nearby
in summer, a/c is a must for me

Posted by Donna
Cleveland, OH
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Hi Ingrid, I like the 7th and can recommend the Londres Eiffel Hotel. It's 2 short blocks from the Eiffel Tower and there are lot of nice restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, bakeries, etc. in the area. It's also also just a short walk to Napoleon's Tomb and the Rodin Museum. Hope you have a great time in Paris!

Posted by Elaine
Mission Viejo, Calif., USA
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We stayed at the Hotel Le Litre (6th arron.) two years in a row. The hotel even arranged for a taxi service for us from the airport or the train station. We were met by our driver, right after we picked up our luggage. It was a set fee and we paid the driver. We used this service four times. The second time we stayed there (2011), we had a lovely room, with a balcony. You have to book that room directly on the hotel's website. From our balcony, we could see the Eiffel Tower all day and night. We could also see the beautiful lights of the city and the Eiffel at night. We had A/C, which we don't recommend you getting a hotel without it. Unfortunately the lobby didn't have A/C though. There is free Wi-fi in the lobby area. You are going to be absolutely miserable in Paris in July. June is bad enough, but July is worse. Europe's idea of A/C isn't the same as in the U.S. Many buildings, restaurants and dept. stores don't even have A/C or it isn't powerful enough for their summer heat. JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET A ROOM GUARANTEED WITH ADJUSTABLE A/C. It is so nice in May through August, that it stays light until 11:00 PM. It is so nice to be out in the city and it is still so light. We could walk the streets late into the night and get in more touring. We took a late night river cruise of the city.

Posted by Karen
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Having just returned from 7 nights in Paris... I highly recommend the Holiday Inn - Notre Dame. We were able to book a great deal here through a travel website. Check out the reviews on trip advisor. If you PM me I can send you a couple of pictures I took of the room and the street the room is on. It was about half a block (or less) from the metro station (we took the train directly from the airport, with our luggage), about 5 minute walk to Notre Dame, And about 15 minute walk from the Louvre & Luxembourg Gardens. Also they have a roof top terrace with great views of the City!

Posted by Emily
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I'm not sure if you like bustling neighborhoods like I do, but Opera Deauville in the 9th is smack dab in the middle of one (but quiet at night) and has the essential...AIR CONDITIONING.
It also has friendly and helpful desk staff, a superb location half a block away from Gare St. Lazare (so easy to get to Versailles and Giverny) and directly across the street from a large bakery.

Posted by Jane
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We love the 7th. Have been staying there for many years.The hotel Champ de Mars is very nice and reasonable, but no AC. If you want air-conditioning I would recommend the Relais Bosquet or the Hotel Du Cadran or its sister hotel the Valadon. They are much more expensive than the Champ de Mars, but sometimes they have good Internet rates. All of these hotels fill up months and months in advance...especially the Champ de Mars.All are close to the metro and lots of little delis and chocolate shoppes and flower shoppes and the market places have many fruits and veggies as well as the charcuteries with rotisserie chickens.Have fun!

Posted by David
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We love the 6th, stayed there the last 3 trips to Paris. Hotel de Fleurie is very nice, they have a great room on the top floor with timbered ceilings. Nice continental breakfast and staff. It has been a few years but I also think they have AC, good luck!

Posted by Crista
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Hi Ingrid! We are renting an apartment via airbnb. We have done this several times and have had excellent experiences. You can indicate specific amenities you would like, price range and the area you would like to stay. We have a place in the 3rd - had stayed in that area several years ago and loved it!

Posted by Kaz
Santa Clarita, CA, USA
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Ingrid, I am not sure this is in the 7th arron., but it was about 7 years ago, but I stayed at the Hotel Grand Leveque and loved it. It is located right on Rue Cler. The room was small, but clean. The staff was great and the location was great. It also had a great price. Rue Cler is located walking distance from the Eiffel Tower near the Ecole Militaire Metro Stop. Rue Cler and has a cheese shop, wine ship, fish shop, boulangerie, patisserie, a few fruit/vegetable shop & café's along this boulevard. Aside from a few delivery vehicles, it is a pedestrian street. You also might want to look up Hotel du Champs de Mar.
Note: Please look research both their current pricing as well recent reviews. I have heard a few negative comments on some reviews on both places recently, as I was there in 2006.

Posted by Tim
Knoxville, TN, USA
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Ask a question like this and you'll get a hundred different answers of a hundred different people. Just know that the 7th is the poshest of all the arrondisemonts in Paris. It's also the area where you'll find the most American Tourists as most seem to gravitate toward the Eiffel Tower for their stay. There are lots and lots of areas from which to choose. I like the 7th but for the last 3 trips to Paris we've stayed in the Latin Quarter closer to Notre Dame, Luxembourg Gardens and Sorbonne. I think it's my favorite place. Montemarte - my least favorite. Read up on the arrondisemonts of Paris and decide which one suits you best. Each has its own pros and cons.

Posted by Jim
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Grand Le' Veque, have stayed there numerous times and will be back in July.

Posted by Anita
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Hi Ingrid - The 7th is too expensive! Stay in the 6th...more central and lots more to see and do. We LOVE the Hotel du Pantheon. It's directly facing the front of the Pantheon in the Latin Quarter. It's a small, boutique hotel with excellent service. The rooms are very Paris-small but everything is beautiful. I know that they are currently undergoing a refurbishment and will reopen at the end of June. The location is excellent - just up the street from Luxembourg Gardens, a few minutes walk from the Seine, and you have all of the Latin Quarter around you but the noisy part is 4 or 5 blocks away...quiet! The price is reasonable by Paris standards - well, at least it was before the refurbishment! Who knows now... Anyway, we have spent many happy times in Paris there so you may like it too! Good luck and enjoy your trip!

Posted by Ingrid
Vancouver, Bc, Canada
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Hi Everyone, Thank you for kindly responding to my question. Much appreciated. I now need suggestions on where to go for 3 nights leaving Paris going south. I thought maybe taking a train to Beaune and renting a car for 3 days and touring around from there I need to catch a train to Avignon where I begin my 8 day barge/cycle trip on the 4th day. I am really open at this point, but would like to travel somewhere between Paris and Avignon. Any suggestions, I need to start booking places. One more question...from Avignon we have 8 days in Spain. We are thinking maybe 4 in Seville and 4 in Barcelona, flying home from Barcelona to Vancouver BC.
Thanks, Ingrid

Posted by Susan
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Hotel du Pantheon, a good hotel where we've stayed, is in the 5th arrondissement. I like the 4th, 5th and 6th best. It's the heart of Paris and the most fun imo. My favorite neighborhood of all is Ile St. Louis in 4th. Little island surrounded by the river and next to Notre Dame. My favorite hotel there is Hotel de Lutece. Other good hotels: Hotel St. Jacques, Hotel des Grandes Ecoles, Hotel des Grands Hommes.

Posted by Susan
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Ingrid, you and I were posting at the same time. A hotel in Beaune that we loved is Hotel le Cep.