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over night on train

Our family is travelling from Munich to Vieanna in Dec. It takes 6 1/2 hour by train. Can you please give me some advice :is it a good idea to travel at night so save accommendation or to fly there to be quicker?Thank you in advance.

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Hi Alice,

I think it depends on your preference and the cost involved. It probably would be best to price out the cost of the train travel versus the flight and hotel accommodation.

Remember that you will be much more comfortable sleeping in a non-moving bed. On the other hand, traveling while you are sleeping can save time during the day.

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I just took the train from Vienna to Munich and it took just over 4 hours. It was on the Railjet train. Avoid any slow trains that stop at every town.

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According to the timetables at, there is no direct night train. Only part of the journey would be on a night train and you wouldn't get much sleep.

There are direct Munich-Vienna fast day trains that make the trip in just over four hours. If you book well in advance (up to 90 days allowed) at, you can get a Europa-Spezial Oesterreich fare as low as €29. The standard fare is €75.40.

If there were a direct night train, that would be my choice. Take a fast day train. You'll have a comfortable and relaxing ride, you'll save the time it takes to get to and from airports and to get through security, and you'll leave a minimal carbon footprint.