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Outrageous sales conditions for hotels

I just received back hotel reservation conditions from a hotel in Lyon, France for a trip in early December. Has anyone else seen conditions such as these before? They are:
Sales Conditions
Minimum of 3 nights : if 1 night is cancelled, the whole stay is cancelled
The stay is sold bed and breakfast
Prepaiement of the first half of the stay as soon as confirmation
Prepaiement of the second half of the stay on September 7th.
Refund of the whole account in case of cancellation before July 2nd
Refund of 50% of the account in case of cancellation before September 7th
No refund of account in case of cancellation after September 7th

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I have a hotel booked in Nice
and I thought about canceling it to book another hotel because I came across some really bad reviews.
we booked three nights
when I looked at the cancelation policy it was
25% of the entire stay, with a miniumum of one night if cancelled greater than 7 days before
Less than 7 days in advance and 50% of the entire stay

so I held off and am taking my chances

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Don't get excited. You, as the customer can choose to stay elsewhere. They, as the provider of services, can create terms that suit them and their business. Don't fight them - look elsewhere.

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I received a similiar one in the past and cancelled it. You are not going peak season so I think it is unreasonable. there are many other hotels in Lyon you could try w/o the hoops

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I would look elsewhere. Those terms are extreme. The standard cancellation policy is to charge for one night if the cancellation is made less than 24 or 48 hours prior.

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It depends on the hotel and the location. Whistler, BC has similar conditions for hotel rentals during ski season, and even stronger for the Christmas week. However, those conditions do seem a bit onerous for Lyon during early December. Is there a festival or something going on?