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Orly to De Gaulle - Paris

Anyone know how long it takes to get from Orly to De Gaulle in Paris? I have a 2 PM flight stateside from CDG the day I leave Europe. Knowing this, I researched EasyJet flights from the last stop on my trip, Rome. They have two flights, one morning and one evening. As the morning flight gets into Orly at about 11 AM, I was wondering whether it would be feasible to get the morning flight to Orly and go straight to CDG with any time to spare. If not, I think I could handle an extra day or evening in Paris. :)

Your thoughts, please. Thanks!

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depends on what carrier you use at cdg, it's a big difference! cdg is very big and some carriers' boarding gates (like NW) are put to very far, not to mention the security checks... so if you have to check in your stuff in CDG then board it with NW, 3 hours is not enough.

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I faced the same problem changing airports in London, en route to Spain. In my case, I was getting into Heathrow at 8:00 AM with an 11:50 flight to Spain from Stansted. Even if it had been right next door to Heathrow the time would have been tight to get checked in and through security in time. Turned out it's 90 minutes by bus from one airport to the other. I'd suggest taking the flight the night before just to be safe.

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Not a chance. It took us 2 hours from the moment we got off our plane in Orly until we arrived at CDG, via Orlyval and you won't be at CDG early enough to check in for your flight home. Security at U-S airlines in Paris is extraordinarily tight, requiring more time than usual to get thru. So spend the night in Paris. You can book an inexpensive hotel out at CDG (, and look for an Ibis or Etap hotel at Paris Nord 2) for that night, then have a comfortable sleep-in before taking the shuttle to the terminal.