Opera Garnier seating - Paris

I have been dying to visit Opera Garnier, and may get my chance when we visit Paris in June. I will be travelling with my husband and his grandparents (they are young(er) and active). We will be in Paris 2 nights. The first night is a sold out opera and the second night is a chamber music concert. Tickets to the chamber music concert are affordable (10-25EUR), meaning we can choose any seat in the house! Most of the information about seats I've found has been geared toward the best seats for watching ballet or opera. My interest is mainly in views of the theatre - especially since it's a concert (not much to see). I definitely want to be near the front of my 'level,' but I'm not sure if I should choose the balcony, 1st or 2nd level. Also, whether I should aim for the middle, or one of the sides (views of stage not important). Any advice about where to sit? Thank you

Posted by Carolyn
Toronto, ON, Canada
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Just wanted to add - I am aware that they do tours, but since the tickets aren't much more in this case, it seems more 'authentic' to attend a performance. Also, our day time is at a premium with all Paris has to offer, and I think it will be fun to attend a concert at the opera in the evening - fancy!

Posted by Beatrix
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I got to see "Swan Lake" with Baryshnikov many years ago. At the time, I was a student and could only afford the absolute cheapest ticket. Sitting in the top most balcony my view of Baryshnikov was rather diminished. Well, it was at the end of his career anyways .... but I couldn't have been any closer to the ceiling, beautifully painted by Chagall! That is what I remember most of that one night. So if this is more about the venue rather than the event get a seat in the top balcony/loges. Middle or side is not as important as making sure that you get a seat in the first row.

Posted by Susan
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Please excuse me for piggy backing on your question, but I am also dying to see any kind of performance at Le Palais Garnier but everything is showing sold out for the dates we will be in Paris at the end of May. Does anyone know if there is a way to get seats for possible last minute openings, or standing room? Or another place to check for tickets besides their website?