One-Half Fare card Vs. 4 Consecutive day Swiss Pass

I will be traveling by train in Switzerland July 2013. Train from Zurich-Luzern (do the golden round trip to Mt. Pilates, second class), on to Interlaken to Murren (go to Schilthorn and take funicular to Allmenhubel)back to Interlaken Ost (1st class Panoramic car with reservation for VIP seating) to Montreux then to Geneva. We will depart Zurich on a Friday and arrive in Geneva on Monday ( 4 consecutive days). We did this same trip in 2006 but it also included the pricey Jungfrau trip.At the time I was advised to purchase the One-Half fare card. Seems as though I recently saw a posting that I should consider a 4 day consecutive Swiss Pass, 2nd class saver for $250 and pay extra for 1st class Panoramic car on a portion of trip. I'm confused, which should I choose?

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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Unfortunately the only to know is to add it up. Use to find the fares but note that the fare shown is Half Fare for most of the train journeys so be sure you are consistent in using add half fare or all full fare before you add them up. Pilates fares with pass and half fare card are on thePilatus website.

Posted by Jim
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Thanks to both of you. It appears one-half fare card is best choice.

Posted by Larry
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$250 equals 234.50CHF (Swiss Francs). Your 1/2 fare card will cost 110CHF. Now, you need to know the train fares for each of the train, bus, boat, etc. segmenets that you will be traveling. If the additional 1/2 fares total more than 124.50CHF, the 4-day consecutive pass will be the best. You can find all of the fare information on If you want to avoid the homework, just buy the 4-day pass. You're going to be close in total dollars anyway.