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One day at Malaga, or Cadiz?

Thanks to helps in the general europe forum, I ditched Italy and chose Spain for my 2-week-long trip(late June - early July). I'm planning to visit either Malaga or Cadiz after Seville(then I go to Granada), and I just can't decide... Both cities have Mediterranean sea, and from what I've heard, Malaga seems to be more big tourity location, but frankly I don't care that much about the fact that Malaga is Picasso's hometown.

I'm 17 years old and will be traveling alone. I've never been to either city so any impression of any of them would be helpful. Thanks in advance...

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One more thing: I have taken my DSLR camera to Northern Europe, but I have never backpacked with it, and I'm kinda worried about security (given the effervescent nature of Southern Europe that I've heard) and mobility. What do you guys think?