Oktoberfest Tent Reservations

We plan to visit the Munich Oktoberfest. The tent websites c aution about large crowds and reccommend table reservations.
Since we plan to be there during the day and not the crowded
evenings, are reservations really essential?
Thanks, John

Posted by TC
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We were there last year and spent most of the afternoon and did not have any trouble with seating at any of the tents. There were only two of us, but another part of our group had 8 or 10 people and did not have any problems either.

Posted by Darla
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My husband and I were there last year on a Saturday and it was very difficult to find a table. We had a group of six, I got lucky and got a table from some Italians that were leaving. I am also returning to Octoberfest this year and I contacted our hotel and they said that you cannot get reservations for two, only large groups get reservations. They recommend getting there early. I will be there on Oct. 3rd for one night. Good luck.