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October end trip. Suggest please...


I am in very very initial planning, so my question can be wide and I really need suggestion to narrow down my choices, base on feasibility.

We will fly from Los Angeles and land up 'somewhere in Europe'. I have 10 days of vacation in last week of October (20th Oct to 30 Oct). We means, me, my wife and an year old son.

We are interested in natural beauty, photogenic places and great architectures. Not great fan of coasts and parties. In past we have visited Switzerland and France and all that travel was covered in train. Though trains are much efficient, but I can plan to rent car this time, to be flexible and see some countryside. In case of much cold, our son can be safe inside car and there will be less chance to take him out, even if we come out to take few pictures.

As of now, I have been considering South Germany (Bavaria) and combining it with Austria/Vienna. Please feel free to add/remove places to it.

As we will be renting car from Munich (most probably), will rental car charges be too high, if I fly back from another country, say like Vienna ?

We will be taking baby stroller with me, so almost always we will go places, where we can take stroller.

Please suggest. Any opinion will be appreciated.


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