Normandy - Train Repair / French bus nsystem

Our itinerary was going to work until Rail Europe hit a snag on ticketing our return from Bayeux to Paris. It appears there will be rail repair scheduled in the area of Bayeux that would complicate our departure. The rail agent mentioned perhaps bus service could be booked. Has anyone ever used French buses? Is there a French bus system? I haven't started researching it yet, but thought I'd check on this board before to see if anyone had a great starting point. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Tom
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We were in Bayeux a couple of years ago when there were a lot of strikes of the French train system in protest of the government's plan to reduce the age of retirement in France. We knew we would be able to get to Paris on the train, but did not know if the trains would be running that day between Paris and Amsterdam (where we needed to get to). The landlady at our B&B went online and found bus service from Paris to Amsterdam. Fortunately, we did not need it. So there is indeed a bus system in France, but I do know if there is service between Bayeux and Paris.