Nice to Paris - 3 week trip

Flying into Nice and staying one week. One week of no plans and the third week flying out of Paris. I see there is a ferry boat over to Corsica - is this something we would like to do? The week of no plans we thought we'd just mozy(?) up from Nice to Paris. No car - any suggestions. We like the villages and small towns versus bigger cities but are not well versed in French.

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We are doing approx 3 weeks as well but going from Paris to Nice (also traveling by train with limited french). We are renting an apartment for one week in Paris, then to Strausbourg/colmar for 3 nights, then training to Beaune for 2 nights (Burgandy region) where we will bike some vineyards, and then to Nice for 5 days. We also prefer smaller towns versus big cities. I would be interested in the replies for your questions as well although my bookings are kind of set at this point. The high speed TGV train schedule was a big deciding factor on where we decided to go.

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Most of the Nice ferries go into Basita, it's pretty interesting for a couple of days. I think there's one that docks at L'lle Rousee, which might not entertain you past lunch. You need to factor in the travel time and what it would take out of your week. It's five or six hours each way. Either or will have the scoop. There might not be a hyphen in that last one.

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I love the trains, and that can work, but I have to admit that when you said "mozy" (here in Beantown we spell it "mosey") I thought: Road trip. Since you would arguably want a car to explore many of the destinations enroute anyway, and since you have a whole week, you might consider driving north to, say, Amboise or Briare or Beaune, taking your time. Then catch a train into Paris. That said, you could easily spend a whole week in Provence. There are some great sights that are well served by rail there, but to really see it a car is very helpful. That's especially true given your preference for small versus big cities. Lyon is enroute and requires no car. Beaune is very nice but small; Burgundy is essentially rural and again you want wheels to get about. A bicycle works there if you like that. All have great rail connection to Paris.

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Thanks for the input. I think we may just work our way up to Paris via train and stop at some villages. Keep the great info coming everyone - thanks

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Consider taking bus (coach) trips for part of your journey. I spent a few days in Aix-en-Provence a few years ago, then took a bus to Avignon. From there it is possible to travel to the surrounding towns via bus or train. Arles is nearby. Avignon is only 3 hours or less from Paris by train. When I was in Nice, I took an all-day commercial tour of a few of the villages in the area. It was a very good experience and saved me from having to drive to these places. I think public buses go to some of the mountain villages. St Paul-de-Vence was my favorite village.

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Hi, I am also taking a similar trip and was wondering if anyone had recommendations on how long to spend in each place along on the way?