next trip to Europe, to include south of France, Northern Italy, Austri

I will begin by saying that we have traveled previously to Europe and taken in many of the major sites. This trip, being more specific, we would like to accomplish these points/places: Austria - Vienna and Salzburg Northern Italy - Lake Como Region, Bellagio, Milan, Verona, Cinque Terra
South of France - Grasse, Monte Carlo, etc..... Any general advice on what and how to best plan this, we will fly from Austin, Texas.......where do we fly into and out of?? Best use of time. And, WHAT is not to be missed in these regions.

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I would fly into one endpoint ( Vienna) and out from the other ( Nice). Or vice versa, depending on the time of year. from Vienna, your logical route would be to Salzburg, then due south via Innsbruck to Verona, then to Lake Como/ Bellagio ( via Milan), then back to Milan to head to Cinque Terre ( two routes possible, but the coastal route is scenic and generally urequires fewer rain changes), then back up the Ligurian coast via Genoa to Ventimiglia and the French Riviera/Monte Carlo. If you want to see an opera in the Verona Arena, the season starts late June, so check the dates and use that as a starting point.

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Marvellous advice,you have helped me countless times and always such good advice :)