New Years in Paris

Any suggestions on places to stay in Paris for New Years Eve? Also, suggestions on restaurants and sights?

Posted by Miguel
Pembroke Pines, FL, USA
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Jennifer,if you've never been to Paris before, begin with Rick's book on Paris. Check his video's on HULU or youtube. TripAdvisor is a great source on hotel info. Parisinfo can help with the Paris Card that can help with public transport and museum entrances, etc... After you've done some research on what you'll want to visit, post your questions, everyone will be eager to give you their opinion. The only thing about where to stay is; if your on a budget, the Champs Elysees area can be very expensive(great for walking, sightseeing and visiting the Arc Du Triumph). Stay in the Latin Quarter, Les Marais or Montparnasse area, it's cheaper. Eating; most restaurants post the menu on the front(take a translation book), or ask for an English menu or just take a chance if it's full(I've found great food like this and well...). Do your research and go have fun. Paris can be dizzying with all sights, hotels and restaurants, but I love it. Paris is a BEAUTIFUL city, even in the cold.
PS: check before you pack and check the weather history section to get an idea of past weather, it was -4C or about 28F in the morning when we went after New Year's.