Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, or both?

Hello everyone! Heading to Munich in two weeks and I have two options for seeing the castles: 1. I can go on a much more personal (small group) guided tour by a highly rated tour guide, but it is for Neuschwanstein and the surrounding area only. or 2. I can do a Grey Line large group bus tour that will visit both Neuschwanstein and Linderhof in a slightly rushed manner. Which do you recommend? Is Linderhof essential or just more of the same type of stuff I would see at Neuschwanstein? I'm not a big fan of the huge group tours, but if Linderhof is a must-see it may be what I need to go with ... Thanks in advance for any advice!

Posted by Nancy
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I love Linderhof much more than Neuschwanstein! It is very different and there is a lot to see.

Posted by Laurie Beth
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I'm not a fan of big bus tours either, but I have been to both and much preferred Linderhof. It is smaller, but has several outbuildings-like a grotto based on a Wagner opera, that are very interesting. I would check out the websites on both before you decide. Both castles require you to take a guided tour inside the castles when you visit.

Posted by steven
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Brian , first the disclaimer in the interest of honesty ; I have not yet made the visit to Linderhof or Neuschwanstein but am headed there this fall and had to deal with this issue myself . Neuschwanstein is not a problem for us since we are headed for Fussen for several days after leaving Munich . Linderhof and Ettal Abbey were a bit tricky to work out ; here is what I found would work well : From Munich ,a Bayern pass ( after 9am weekdays ,anytime on weekends , regional trains only ) will get you from Hauptbahnhof to Oberau ,and from there you can easily connect to Linderhof via Ettal by local bus . The pass covers all transportation for one low price. With a little research on Bahn . de ,I found I could make very convenient connections to make this work very efficiently. Trying to do this and Schwangau in one day seems too rushed for my taste, but as I said , it's not an issue due to my specific itinerary . EDIT -Based on what my research shows , I would agree with the others that Linderhof ( and Ettal ) look more appealing

Posted by Tim
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Linderhof is much more extravagant and with many places outside of the actual castle to see. The easiest way to see Linderhof is by car and staying in Füssen or Schwangau is an ideal base. Much more complicated by public transport and involves more travel time from Munich. Any possibility of spending a day or two in Schwangau at Neuschwanstein and renting your own car and doing it yourself?

Posted by Lee
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There is definitely a lot to see at Linderhof. The "palace" itself is small and the tour doesn't take much time, but there are extensive grounds and, then, the grotto. I spent most of a day there, including lunch at the Gasthaus near the entrance. On the other hand, Neuschwanstein is pretty much a symbol of Germany. I can't imagine going there and not seeing it. In addition to the tour, which is not real long, there is Hohenschwanstein castle nearby, where Lugwig grew up, and there is the town of Füssen, itself. I would probably favor Neuschwanstein, just because it is such an icon. Linderhof is really quite easy to visit using public transportation. There are frequent buses (about ½ hr) from Oberammergau, which is readily accessible (in less than 2 hr) by train from Munich. In 2007, I started my Romantic Road trip by landing in Munich and taking the train to Oberammergau for two nights. The next day I took the bus to Linderhof and spent the day there. BTW, Oberammergau also makes a good base for visiting the castles. There are several morning buses from Oberammergau to the bus stop in Hohenschwangau. The trip takes about 1h20m.

Posted by steven
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Brian ,Just so you're not confused , you can go from Munich to Oberammergau as Lee says ,or Oberau . I wanted you to know that these are two different places ,not a misspelling . Which route you take depends on how you work out the bus connection . When you run everything through the Bahn site you will be able to judge what works best . In any event , I'm going to recheck my plans based on Lee's advice ,he is likely suggesting a more efficient routing .

Posted by Brad
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I'd go with the latter. Either way, the only tour through Neuschwanstein will be quick. Neuschwanstein is iconic but not a real castle, or even a home King Ludwig lived in. Linderhof is a different experience. I'd take advantage of the chance to see both.

Posted by Paul
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Hi Brian, I've been to both twice. As for the tours of the interiors of them, I'd pick Linderhof, no question. While I didn't find the interior of Neuschwanstein to be nearly as extravagant or interesting as Linderhof, to be so close and not visit? It's the outside and location of Neuschwanstein that's most appealing in my opinion. I'd go with both. Even though you state the Grayline tour is more rushed, the tour of the insides of the castles are what they are, no matter what schedule the bus tour has. Paul

Posted by Irv
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My German cousins all but spit nails when they say Neuschwanstein is nothing but theater, it was really designed but a set designer. Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee are the two really impressive castles Ludwig built. King Ludwig actually spent more of his time at Linderhof, it is what I've always wanted, a nice one bedroom place in the woods. The porcelain works there are exquisite. I would definitely do the trip that includes Linderhof

Posted by Darren
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I can't imagine going to Germany and not seeing Neuschwanstein. However, Linderhof is my favorite of Ludwig's castles (Herrenchiemsee is a close second), and the only one that is finished. The grounds at Linderhof are a blast to explore as well. I'd spend the day there, or much of it. It's a specatacular drive from fussen to there as well. If you can get a car, do it on your own since the tours are required to view the castles anyway. As Lee and others have already posted, bus options exist as well. Don't skip it though, do them both (with Hohenschwangau with Neuschwanstein).