neuschwanstein castle renovation until end of 2012

I am traveling to Germany w/ a visit to Neuschwanstein castle this September 12, and I noticed on their website that 2 sides will be scaffolded until end of 2012 I am an avid photographer and was planning the day around taking some great shots. I am excited to see the interior, but the exterior was a main interest. If anyone has any updates on if they have seen the scaffolding recently and if we can get good shots despite the scaffolding - plus I am traveling with my little gal who is 5 to see the princess castle, dont want to disappoint her ---- is it worth it making this trip to neuschwanstein ?

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I looked at some pictures I snapped when I took some family members there back in October... the scaffolding was on the north and west faces of the castle. The view from Marienbr├╝cke (the south face) was unobstructed. The main gate (east side) was also without scaffolding. Even with the scaffolding, the exterior details of the castle were still pretty visible.

Posted by Lawrence
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Mala, reminds me of a funny situation I had in Paris some yrs back. On my 1st trip to Paris, one side of the front of Notre Dame was covered in scaffolding. It was still beautiful and I loved the interior and the view from the back of the church. I was next in Paris around 4 yrs later and....wouldn't you know it.....the OTHER side was covered in scaffolding! So, I have "seen" Notre Dame in person twice, but have yet to really see the entire thing! Just something we travelers have to deal with....and have a sense of humor about! From the post above, it sounds like you will still get some great views/shots....and even if it's less than ideal, I would say that if its the only time you can get there....then go for it! You'll still get to see the interior, a good chunk of the exterior, etc. And to give your little girl an unobstructed view, you could also go to Hohenschwangau, the yellow castle that's just beyond Neuschwanstein (and that was Kind Ludwig's boyhood home). Hope you and your little girl have a great time.