How difficult is it to get to Nerja by train? Is it bus only? I can go from Seville or Granada to Nerja. My route is: Seville, Ronda, to Granada, Nerja and end in Barcelona. We won't have a car and will have a suitcase and back pack. Where do you take the bus to Nerja? from Malaga? How long does it take? Is it a city bus? Thanks!

Posted by Jeff
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It is about 2 hours by bus from Granada. You can get all of the information here:

Posted by Neil
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The nearest train station to Nerja is 60kms. away in Malaga. As above, ALSA is the bus company direct to Nerja, from the bus station in Granada on the edge of the city. Unless you advise differently, I am presuming you will stay central(ish) in the Plaza Nueva/Catedral area and a 3 or 33 city bus from nearly opposite the Catedral will take you to the bus station. Seville to Nerja would be a two stage 4 or 5 hour journey with bus or train to Malaga and then bus to Nerja. Does this cover all?