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neighborhood safety - Luxembourg Garden area

Hello! We are considering renting an apartment near the Musee' Zadkine( 100bis Rue d'Assas) near Luxembourg Gardens. Any information about this neighborhood's safety would be greatly appreciated. Is the Luxembourg Garden safe to stroll at night? I am traveling with my son with autism and will already have enough to worry about with changes to routine/environment/language/food, etc. Any input is greatly appreciated! First trip overseas jitters!!!

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Extremely safe area. I don't think you could find a safer area. You still need common sense though.. :)

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Excellent area. Safe to stroll at night with common sense.

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The Gardens are locked up at night. No one can stroll through them. This is true for all city parks. Rue d'Assas is one of the nicest areas of Paris.

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Judie as everyone says,, very safe area,, but as Bets said, parks are locked at night... There are many streets to wander in evening, along the Siene is nice but I would walk on the sidewalk up top, not down on river bank at night.. its not dangerous but youths can gather down there and drink and that can be intimidating. Wandering around the Latin Quarter may be fun for your son.. down by Rue Mouffetard.. but it may be sensory overload too( crowded, narrow streets) .. you know your son best.
You may consider using an early evening as a time to visit one of the "big" museums like the Louvre or Orsay, ,they are as a rule very crowded and can be stressful, but they are each open at least one night a week later.. so going after 5 most people note them to be alot quieter and less crowded.

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I very much appreciate these responses...thank you so much for taking the time to respond and providing reassurance/additional information. I am a bit overwhelmed and the more information I gain, the less stressful our trip will be! THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING!!!!!!