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Need your advice for my trip itinerary (Zurich to Munich)

Dear all,
I plan to go to Zurich for a business meeting in late June and will stay 1 week more for our vacation (wife and myself).

A few considerations for the trip.
1. I have a friend in Munich, so I should do there, otherwise we are pretty open for our destinations.
2. We love natural wonders and driving, so we may drive if you guys do not strongly object
3. Although we love travel, we never been to Austria

We tentatively have below plan considering above. How do you think? Appreciate your comments and advice.
day 1-3. Zurich to Lucerne and stay there in 2 nights
day 3-5. Travel to Innsburck and stay there for 2 nights (can be Salzburg but might be too long drive?)
day 5-8. Travel to Munich (stay there 3 nights and one day trip to Neuschwanstein
Day 8. travel back to Zurich and return a rental car

Appreciate your support and advice. Thanks.