Need specific info on special train, RT Kosice - Marseille

I just read an article about a "special round-trip-performance-art-train" that will go RT from Kosice, Slovakia to Marseille, France from Sept. 15 - Sept. 24, 2013. The article ran in the Chicago Tribune travel section on 1/6/2013 but the links to the article do not give any helpful information. Specifically - cost, where/how to purchase tickets, are there sleeping accommodations on the train, etc. The train will make stops in Budapest, Hungary; Ptuj, Slovenia; Venice, Italy; and then Marseille, France for 2 days before returning to Kosice on Sept. 24. Does anyone have any hints about where I might get further information about this event?

Posted by Kim
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It doesn't look like there's too much specific information out there yet about this event. the sponsoring Organisation is the Kassak Centre of the city of Nove Zamky, Slovakia. I would keep googling them as well as the name of the project, Transart Communication Art Project 2013. There's a small website with only one page, Also, but again they don't yet have information about this year's voyage. Also keep searching all the info about Kosice and Marseille, the 2013 European Capitals of Culture.

Posted by Sharon
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Thanks, Kim. I'll continue to search. I was surprised that there was so litte info in the Marseille website.