Need help for student going alone to Berlin

My son who is 21 will be going to Berlin from July 5 -July 21. He willbe studying in the reinickendorf bureau the first week then transferring to a hostel that is downtown the second week. I have to plan where he will stay. Does anyone have experiences in the reinickendorf area? Which hostel would someone recommend for the second week that is near the train that would take him to reutte in Tyrol on the 21st? He has a place to stay in reutte for further study in his major. I have never been to Berlin so I am really confused. Thank you

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Hi, I can help with the second week. The Meininger Hotel/Hostel (a big 6 story white building) is two minutes to the right of Berlin Hauptbahnhof (central station), checked it out myself, the Hauptbahnhof has numerous eateries of various cuisines. Further east is the Wombats Hostel which he would have to take S and U Bahn (subway) to reach. From where he is, the closest decent hostel I know of is in Berlin-Charlottenburg, the A&O Hostel located across the street from S-Bahn station Berlin-Charlottenburg. Take the S-Bahn there will get you to Berlin Hauptbahnhof direct. From Berlin Hbf. the ICE train goes to Munich and to Innsbruck, where he can trasnfer to arrive in the Tirol. I was in (West) Berlin solo for the first time at 21, also in July, skipped the HI hostel and stayed at an old style Berliner Pension. Coming from SF, I found that famous weather, the heat (die Berliner Luft) oppressive, wasn't used to Central Europe at all, With the public transportation system now based on buses, S-and U Bahn, it is a great deal easier to get around. He won't have any problems.