Need advice on how to go from Rouen to Honfleur

I want to go from Rouen to Honfleur, then on to Caen by public transportation. Renting a car is not an option. The plan is to take an early train from Paris to Rouen, tour Rouen all day, then go to Honfleur for the night. There is no train to Honfleur, but I can get to Deauville, then take bus 20 to Honfleur. My question: Is this the best option? Any idea how I can find the bus schedule from Deauville to Honfleur? Or approx. when the last couple of busses of the day leave Deauville to Honfleur?

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hi, from what i understand from RS books, Car is the way to go. but, i was googling for bus service and came up with this link. i did try to input your citys/towns but i get some type of "module" error and ive tried a couple different browsers. Im using an older mac and my OS isnt being supported anymore so that could be it. chances are youre on a PC so you maybe able to do some good. Also, its in french, but once you input the towns, it will redirect to a english version. Also, there is a "schedule" tab and if you browse the dropdown window it appears they have a schedule for Honfleur. I coudlnt get taht to work either. Your text to link here... happy trails.

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It would be faster to take a train from Rouen to Le Havre and bus 20 from there to Honfleur. Here is a link to the bus 20 timetables (in French) going from Le Havre to Honfleur and beyond. Snce you asked for it, here is a link to the timetables for bus 20 going in the direction of Deauville to Honfleur and beyond.