I've seen this website mentioned on the helpline a couple of times and I've looked at it myself. It looks really good. Has anyone booked an apt thru them? Was your experience positive? I searched the archives but couldn't find a hit so hopefully someone has personal experience with them. Thanks for your help.

Posted by Debi
Sherman Oaks, CA, USA
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I have used this agency five times and really like them. They have nice apartments, mainly in the 1st, which I love. They are branching out with apartments in the 3rd and 4th and 5th lately. I just stayed in Marais Beaubourg #135 this last month. It was so well located, two blocks from the Pompidou Center.
Small 1 bedroom, just remodeled, perfect for 2 people, but no elevator! Would stay there again too! 750 euros a week. This agency is very responsive to your needs as well. I highly recommend Happy Travels!

Posted by Leslie
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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We rented a one bedroom apartment from them for our September 2012 visit and will not use their agency again for future Paris apartment rentals. We stayed in the 1st arrondissment which is within walking distance of the Louvre, several bistros, plenty of shopping, and several metro stops. Because you have to give the agency a damage deposit before seeing the apartment, I would suggest you take a rental agent with you when you go to the apartment and point out any broken fixtures, etc. I'm glad we did because there was a large hole in the bedroom ceiling, the slats on a living room chair were broken, the white slip covers on the dining room chairs were dirty and had food, ink, and wine stains, the floors were dirty, and the cable TV did not work. The agent's response to our complaints -- "we don't inspect the apartments between rentals. We have a cleaning agency that we rely on to prepare the apartment for the next client." He did take pictures of the broken and damaged items and attempted to repair the cable TV to no avail. We were not charged for any damages. The apartment did not live up to the beautiful pictures on their website.

Posted by Claudette
huntington beach, ca, usa
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Oh no, I need a tiebreaker! Leslie, I'm so sorry about your bad experience. Would you mind letting me know which apt you rented so I can stay away from that one if I do decide to use them? Debi, other than the apt you mentioned, which ones did you stay at also? I am still looking thru the different websites I have found through here and tripadvisor. My trip is in the last week of April so I want to book pretty soon.