Murren to Gruyere to Montreux

I have 3 days to plan after Murren before heading onto France. Is it possible to take the Golden Pass train after leaving Murren to Gruyere......spend some time there visiting the village and cheese demonstration and then head onto Montreux for 3 nights/2 days? I thought about doing the Chocolate train but this feels like backtracking so if it it's reasonable to visit Gruyere on way I would do that. While in Montreux we plan to visit chateau de Chillon and the vineyards. Is it better to stay in Montreux or should we consider Vevey or Lausanne?

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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The official chocolate train tour is meant for organized tour groups, and very pricey; but it does use vintage train carriages. You can do the same chocolate train route using regularly scheduled trains for a fraction of the price, of course would be included with a Swiss Pass. The chocolate factory can be seen from the top of Gruyere so it's close by and easy to do if you're in the area.