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Murren Switzerland weather

I'm booked on Rick's tour to Germany, Austria and Switzerland the first part of June. I'd like to know what the weather is like, average temp, high and low temps, and number of rain days. I can't find this info on the web. Thanks

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Early June can still be a transitional time, so yearly averages won't be terribly helpful. They'll hide a very large range of temperatures.

Here's what I would say- prepare for some rain, and pack clothes that can be easily layered. You could get sunny shorts-and-T-shirt weather, or cloudy weather just above freezing and everything in between. Although not likely, you could even see fresh snow (but it will melt quickly). Impossible to predict this far out.

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Peggy, we have been there in the first days of June. We were scared away from Muerren by the travel books with their claims of remaining snow and possible bad weather. Nothing was further from the truth. Muerren, at 5,374', was completely free of snow. The snow level was much higher. Weather was comfortable and beautiful. Wildflowers were in full bloom and the farmers were walking their cows through the towns on the way up to higher pastures. No rain of any kind during our 4 days in early June. But, (and here's the big "But") no guarantees on the weather. Snow is usually long gone but it could rain. Here's a link to a 27-second film I have on YouTube showing the cows being walked through Lauterbrunnen.

Next, here's a link to a picture of Muerren's main street in early June.

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We were in the alps staying in Gimmelwald mid June. The weather was perfect! When I asked the owner of our apartment what the weather forecast was he laughed. He said, " There is no forecast, we are in the alps! You never know." The day we left the fog was heavy, it was cold and rainy. Two trips we hit it just right, but you can really never tell for sure. Once we were there the end of September and after a few beautiful days it snowed the day we left. Better to give yourself a few days just to be sure you'll hit some good weather.

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Thanks to all of you for the very detailed weather info. I loved the videos and beautiful photos too. Peggy

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Hi Peggy,
If you want to look at a few more photos, we took the GAS tour last year and it is linked to Rick's website under Theresa and William Barr. We were there in late May and had a mix of weather. Arrived in cool and rain and then had sun and warmth. Hope you get lucky as it is incredibly beautiful. You will love the whole tour. Teri

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Peggy - Chris has some amazing Murren pics on his Twitter account under Murrenlover. My wife and I both look forward to his pics everyday. You really should check out all his pics. If I had seen his last pic from high above Murren, I'm not sure I would have the nerve to spend 3 nights there. :) We were just there in mid-October and the hiking and weather was great.