Murren Lodging - Hotel Alpina vs Hotel Jungfrau

I know there are tons of posts on this and I've read so so so many. We are deciding between Hotel Alpina and Hotel Jungfrau at this point. Neither of us have ever been to Switzerland and we felt that it would be a miss if we didn't stay up as high as possible and at the edge of a cliff is fun too.

I've read some posts on here that Hotel Alpina gets really bad reviews or has recently. When I looked at Trip Advisor there seemed to be more than one "Hotel Alpina". I know on one review it sounds like it was during the busy season (late last June) and perhaps there were some smokers?

Any perspectives (I could have missed something in my search!) between these two hotels in particular? They are both opening around the week we arrive (last week in May) so my hope is it will be quieter and there will be less issues. Thank you!!

Posted by Larry
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Ali, Murren is an excellent choice. At 5,300', it's everything you would expect in a Swiss alpine village. For hotels, I would suggest looking into the Chalet Fontana and the Hotel Eiger. Since you have viewed, you would know that these two hotels are #1 and #2 of 12 hotels in Murren. Reportedly, there are better places to stay in Murren than the Hotel Alpina. Rooms with views are great but there are comments on how "tired" the rooms are.

Yes you will be on the side of the mountain. You can stand on the edge and look down to the valley far below and in one swoop of your eyeballs, slowly look up to the top of the 13,000' Jungfrau. It's really breathtaking.

Posted by Ali
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Hotel Eiger doesn't open until around June 8 so that is not an option for us unfortunately. Chalet Fontana seemed more catered to families (and in some cases the bathrooms are shared which doesn't interest us on this trip) so I wasn't sure that was right for us. Thoughts?

Posted by Larry
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No, you're on the right track. Outside of the larger family rooms, I think that the bathrooms are shared at the Chalet Fontana. I just didn't see many good comments about the Hotel Alpina except for the views and how nice the owners are.

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I just looked at all the hotels in Rick Steves' book for Murren(except Chalet Helvetia and Chalet Bobs) and Hotel Eiger, Hotel Bellevue, Hotel Blumental and Eiger Guesthouse are not open until June. That leaves Alpina, Jungfrau and Chalet Fontana. The one good thing is Alpina is offering a room on the top floor so that's something. I guess we really are choosing between 2!

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Ali, you're doing good. Great homework research. I knew that "shoulder" season (transition between winter and summer) began in mid-April with most of Muerren closing down but I didn't realize so much remained closed until early June. It does mention this in Rick's book. We were up there in the first week of June last year and it looked OK then but that was early June.

Posted by Frank
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The Eiger guesthouse (formerly the Hotel Belmont) opens 24 May according to . It (and the Hotel Eiger) are directly opposite the train station, so views are over that (webcam at

The Alpina is IMO not a very attractive hotel (at least from the exterior), but does have 'absolute clifftop' views, the Jungfrau is a more traditional style hotel(with a more modern ground floor extension) but back in the village from the clifftops.

In the end though it's a place to sleep, not a destination. Any one will serve as a base to explore the village and surrounding area.


Posted by Christine
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We stayed at Hotel Alpenruh in Murren this past November and loved it. The rooms are basic and clean--and there was the cutest little balcony.

Posted by Ali
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Thanks for the other suggestions (Hotel Alpenruh and Eiger Guesthouse - I missed that one). I think the point about this being a place to sleep is a good one since there are reviews on all of these about older, tired rooms or they all say breakfast is plain (for the most part). Perhaps we'll flip a coin?

Posted by Tim
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The Chalet Fontana has a family apartment that can sleep up to 6 people. The apartment has a private bathroom. All of the other rooms have shared bathroom. We loved our time in the apartment at Chalet Fontana. We've also stayed at Hotel Alpenruh which is another good choice. They have a really good restaurant in the Alpenruh. It's located right at the gondola station from Stechelberg and Gimmelwald. The gondola continues on from Muerren to the Schilthorn. If you choose the Alpenruh then be sure to request a room NOT on the ground floor. Trees in front of your windows will obstruct your views from the ground floor rooms. Request a high room.

Posted by Donald
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I know a room with a view in Murren would be nice but, don't think that the only way you are going to see the mountains is from your room. The view from all over Murren is great. I hope you have a nice trip. We really enjoyed our trip.

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We stayed at Hotel Alpina May 13-16 2013 and really enjoyed Murren. Yes, a number of businesses in town were closed as we were there before season but that didn't mean we had nothing to do and nothing to eat. It did mean we had no crowds to fight when it came time for a cable car ride. The Hotel was clean and Roger (front desk) and his wife (served breakfast) were very friendly. Breakfast was good and filling and the view from breakfast room was breathtaking. Since we were "before season" their restaurant wasn't open yet however Hotel Alpenruh at the other end of "town" (a 5 min walk) has a great selection and we ate there two evenings. Also enjoyed Tham Kok Keong Chinese take out one evening. There was at least one other place to eat in town but don't remember the name. For those considering Murren there is also laundromat available at Hotel Bellevue.
We can't recommend Alpina highly enough.

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We stayed at the Eiger Guesthouse and the manager there made the trip a wonderful experience. She acted as concierge and gave us very helpful advice with the hiking trails as she had hiked them all.

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I just had to reply on this given I got replies on this post which I had originally posted here back in 2008. I coincidentally chose Hotel Alpina back then. I just came back from my honeymoon which ended with a 3rd visit to the Swiss Alps where I stayed at Hotel Alpina in Murren, for the 3rd time with my now husband. For purely nostalgic reasons we will probably always stay there now but it is a bonus that the hotel has renovated so much. We have to admit that it is nice to go back to a place where you are welcomed back so warmly too. All that said, it is obvious there are some much loved other hotels there as well if you do searches on this site and read reviews on TA. It is such a lovely area to visit and I look forward to returning again.

Posted by Chris
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578 posts glad you had a wonderful time here in Mürren

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Interesting to see the current replies for the Hotel Alpina. I have stayed there 3 times in the last 6 years and it has improved with each stay. It is close to the funicular station (up from Lauterbrunnen) but is on the opposite side of Murren from the cable car station. The view from the balconies not only to the mountains but straight down into the Lauterbrunnen valley is spectacular and why I prefer this hotel to some of the others mentioned back further in town. Reasonably priced and highly recommended. Try October when the weather is still nice and the leaves are changing color on the mountain sides.

Posted by Jim
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Agree with Tom, was there July 13 and 14, my wife enjoyed opening shutter while bathing and staring straight at Jungfrau! Room 24

Posted by Susan
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We've had the same incredible view from our room w/balcony and warm hospitality during our two visits staying at Hotel Eiger in Murren... warmly welcomed our second visit like we were family. I think that is the nature of Murren and it's warm, friendly people.