Munich to Gimmelweld

My wife and I plan to travel from Munich to Gimmelweld in mid-November and have several questions. How long is the train ride? How is the weather at this time of the year? Or should we cancel if the ride long and difficult? Thanks

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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It's a long trip---more than eight hours each way, unless you take the direct train from Munich to Z├╝rich, which only runs once a day, leaving after noon, and gettin gyou to Gimmelwald after 8 pm. Other departures involve more changes and more time. You can see the schedules online at or

Posted by Natasha
Concord, California
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I will be in Gimmelwald in August, first time. As for November, there are pros and cons. Keep in mind that the daylight in Switzerland in November is very short, it will get dark around 4 p.m. and the sun does not come up until almost 9 in the morning. I grew up in a snowy country, but ended up living in California. I do miss snow sometimes, and I don't mean the Sierra ski resort type of snow, but the real thing:) It would be very tempting for me to go to a place like this in the winter again for a few days, the experience is unique, all you need is very warm clothes head to toe, a good fireplace, a good book and some good tea and maybe wine in the evening. Ah, to breathe in that snowy air again!

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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November weather in the Alps is variable. You could get snow, but you could just as easily get rain and mud. Either way, November is neither the best time of year for skiing or hiking. But it could still be very pleasant.