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My daughter is leaving Sat evening from BOS to Munich for her first international business trip! Prior to working at a trade show she has Sunday and Monday for herself to explore. Then her group will be entertaining customers Tues-Fri. Frankly, we haven't done our usual homework (the trip came up quickly) so I look to the often helpful RS travelers for some last minute insights into what she should see during her 2 "off" days and if there are any recommendations for evening/dinner during the week?
She'll have no problem getting around, she has spent a couple of years living overseas but neither of us have been to Munich. Thanks in advance -

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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Not knowing anything of her interests, I will say that while I didn't care for Munich as a whole, I LOVED the Deutsches Museum (science museum) and could have spent a whole day there. There are also walking tours offered by several companies. Here's the one I used to take a Hitler's Munich walk:

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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She should take in the Nymphenburg Palace and the Hapsburg's downtown palace to see how the Bavarian royals lived. If she has someone to go with, take in some of the big beer halls. A lady shouldn't take in the beer halls solo, however. I also loved the Deutsch Museum, going to Dachau and seeing BMW's museum.
Munich is an absolutely wonderful city.

Posted by Ms. Jo
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If she goes on one of the good walking tours or bike tours of Munich (not the "free" tours) then she will get a good orientation to the city, might meet some new friends to go out with in the evening, and learn some of the history of Munich and its' sights. Why wouldn't a woman go out to a beer hall by herself David? This is 2013, and not 1913. Not sure why this would even be mentioned, it is such a bizarre throwback in time.

Posted by Ron
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Hello Don. I recommend that she stay in Munich the two days. First day : Munchner Stadtmuseum (museum of the history of the city Munich). Walk into Saint Michael's church located at the pedestrian street, a few blocks west of New Town Hall. Relax on the grass lawn at Englischer Garten. It is the biggest city park in Europe. Second day : walk through parts of Deutsches Museum (Germany's museum of technology and science). Walk into Hofbrauhaus, at Platzl 6, to see it. It is not necessary to buy a beverage or food there. Swim in the big indoor pool at Munich's summer Olympics park. I do not recommend spending much time at Marienplatz.

Posted by Lisa
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I will recommend the Marienplatz especially if the weather is nice. There is much to see nearby including the Frauen Kirche and the Viktualienmarkt. I will second the Residenz which is also within walking distance. Mike's Bike tour is great even if the weather is not so nice, when we went it was cool (we wore jackets)but the rain held off and we had a fun time. The lunch at the Englischer Garten was a wonderful break.

Posted by Emily
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Everybody here has made good suggestions. I'll add one more: The hill made from war rubble at the Olympic Park has excellent views of the city, and on a nice day, you can see all the way to the Alps. Well worth walking or biking up. And then she can drink some delicious beer at a beer hall BY HERSELF if she'd like. I recommmend the Augustiner Keller down the street from the Hauptbahnhof.
Signed, A "lady" who can handle herself around good beer and drunk men.

Posted by Fred
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Hi, I'll add that Munich is a great walking city, such as going from the Hbf. (Main train station) to the Deutsches Museum...a good stroll and easy to follow.