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We will be in Munich at the end of a business trip. We arrive a week earlier and will be ready to head out Friday morning. That said, we will have 9 nights leaving on the 10th day flying in and out of Munich. We are interested in Munich for the car factory, then Salzburg, Prague. Or should we do Munich, Salzburg then into northern Italy? We are leaning towards renting a car?
Thanks for your input!

Posted by Ilja
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If you want to see just big cities, go by train. To see the country rent a car. Prague or northern Italy? That could be only decided by you. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities. Northern Italy has one of the most beautiful countryside anywhere.

Posted by Therese
Decatur, GA, USA
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Thanks very much for your input. We will rent a car and drive to Prague via Salzburg and Cesky Krumlov.