Munich construction?

I will be visiting Munich in early August. I heard from one of the hotel owners that there is "construction..not nice..all is dusty". I will reply back to her for more details, but wondered if any of you knew where the construction was and just how much it affects the Old Town, if at all? Thanks!

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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A bit more details like which hotel, what part of town etc. would have been helpful. In big old cities there's always some constructioning going on... In Munich these days on Sendlinger Tor Platz for example... should be finished by end of May though... But there are construction sites in every part of the city...

Posted by kathy
freeburg, illinois, usa
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Thank you for the information. Specifically- the Hotel Muenchner Kindl area, the area around Marienplatz, Hofbrauhaus, Viktualienmarkt. Also wondered if S Bahn/U Bahn transportation sites in the Old Town were affected. Hopefully not too much construction in those areas?

Posted by Emily
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Kathy, there is plenty of construction going on, but really, are you going to let that put a damper on your trip? The area by Marienplatz is being worked on, but as of the 2nd week of March, all subways were working just fine and there certainly wasn't dust everywhere. More troublesome was the presence of an anti-mosque crusader in the plaza (seems to be a weekly occurence, according to our guide at Dachau).
You'll be fine. Enjoy your trip.

Posted by kathy
freeburg, illinois, usa
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Thanks- and no,we will enjoy Munich whatever the circumstances!just that I wanted details to be able to tell the rest of our group, since we haven't been there for five years now.