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munich before/ after oktoberfest

to experience the "real" munich, would it be better to go there before or after oktoberfest? we will be there for aprox. 4 days before going to vienna. first week of september or late october are possible. thanks!

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We've been to Munich 3 times in mid to late October. In our opinion, it's the best time of the year to go.


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thanks paul! i'm a camera freak! how is the weather/ light for taking pictures in late october there?

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I have been to Munich four times and my favorite time was in late September. My husband and I were there last Oct 2-21. It was nice also, but a little cooler. Octoberfest is fun, I've been to it 2 times and I would do it again. Have a fun trip.

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I would go first week of September. The weather will be great and outdoor activities (English Garden) will be much more enjoyable. October isn't horrible but it can get cold which shuts down the best outdoor activities.

If you are in the area. Mid September is the Bonnfest. Bonnfest is similar to Octoberfest with a few improvements.

First, there is only one (maybe two) bier tent that is much larger and has two stages. One stage has an oompah band and the other has a rock band that alternate. Expect to here a lot of ABBA.

Second, there is a great mix of generations, all standing on the tables singing along with the ABBA hits at the top of their lungs. Octoberfest is a smaller age range and high % of tourists.

Third, and most important. The Bonnfest goes all night. Our group had an outstanding time and found ourselves leaving at 4:30am (I would have sworn it was still early). At Octoberfest, they kick everyone out by 10:30pm.

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Another good reason to be there in September is the harvest season for wein. They have a new wine that tastes like grapejuice and is only available that time of year.

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before octoberfest. weather is good, and the pric of accommodation is alot cheaper. during octoberfest the prices skyrocket so be aware.